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My grandmother Josefina used to have an at-home helper. Her name was Andra, short for Alejandra, who also happened to be her half-sister (debatable), and she was an unhappy, mistrustful spinster. At least, to my young eyes, that was how she seemed. It stemmed from thwarted love. We were at the time the only family in the village with a car – a stripped down, locally assembled version of a rugged jeep called “owner” that was a liability to maintain. Dad used to park it in Apo Lucio’s garage, he was my step-grandfather, and I would sit in the driver’s side, and Apo Andra would circle the car with her broom, sweeping around and around, but sweeping nothing. Once in a while, she would peek in with her beady eyes and gaunt face, no doubt looking to catch me doing something I was not supposed to, or curious what exactly I was staring at the black canvas roof for hours. Then she would leave, and the next day it would be the same dance. That’s me. I am that kid who can’t seem to keep his mind shut, can’t sleep, always floating in air, lost in daydreams.

I was born in the northwestern corner of Luzon, along the river and foothills of the Cordillera. My folks are deeply proud Ilokanos, a character I inherited, which rooted me to a strong identity. From our corner “nation”, I had many heroes/revolutionaries/villains to look up to, which came in handy when I began to mature and had become unsure of myself. In the 1980’s, my family settled in the San Francisco Bay Area, following a trail to America almost a century old now. The first members of our extended family started immigrating in the 1920’s when our lands were still an American territorial colony. I finished school in the East Bay with degrees in biology and business management. That became the foundation for a 20-year career in the biotech industry.

This website primarily focuses on areas that I am passionate about – writing, genealogy, family history, books, movies, all things Kailukoan, queer politics, science and spirituality. I geek out on a hodgepodge of other subjects, too, and I have an opinion on about most things; so on the main, this site is a focal point for all my repressed creative energy. Outside of work, I love the outdoors, spending time with  family and a small coterie of favorite people, working on personal goals, learning, writing and dreaming.

Glad you made a pit stop here. You can decide if you want to keep circling around, peek in, and leave, or decide to hop in the passenger’s side of the car and stare at the black canvas with me, and talk story. Up to you.

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